February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Lift Conference is one of Europe’s key events about innovation and digital technologies. It features a special blend of inspiring speeches by some of the world’s best speakers, truly interactive workshops, exhibitions of interactive media projects and prototypes to play with… and the legendary Fondue!

Lift Conference 2016

Connect with innovators from all around the world at Lift16!

After our adventures in deep-interactivity in 2015, we are bringing back the all-time favorite Main Stage Sessions to the center of the conference. On top of the talks, you will continue to enjoy more interactive formats such as workshops and masterclasses, with the addition of a new activity: Lift on Site. Leveraging the great landmarks of Geneva, we are collaborating with key partners such as CERN to create workshops directly where the action happens.


Engaging Formats

Inspiring Talks

Hands-on Workshops

Lift on Site

Lift Venture Night

Traditional Fondue

Interactive Exhibition

Hot Topics

Blockchain Technology Beyond Bitcoin

What lies beyond the distributed and trusted protocol that runs Bitcoin, the most used decentralized cryptocurrency in the world?

Artificial Intelligence, Technology without Alternative

After the buzz, what is the pulse of AI and what might it really mean for business, technology and culture?

Making Sense of Technology

What are the implications of seeing technology as magic? How does the digital behave and create meaning in society?

Meet our Speakers


  • Laur Fisher, Research Scientist at MIT, Project Manager of Climate CoLab

  • Natalie Kane,
    C&P Officer at FutureEverything and researcher at Changeist

  • Subodh Patil, Research Physicist, University of Geneva, CERN

  • Henri Bergius,
    VP Engineering at The Grid

Hands-On Workshop

Innovation Through Metaphor for Science, Business and Policy-Making

When is metaphor useful? When does it break down? How can we harness its power?

Living Organisms as Musical Instruments: an unprecedented performance

Compose musical pieces using bacteria, yeast and other living organisms as musical instruments

Computational Creativity - will artificial intelligence replace your favourite human artist?

How can we formally define creativity and replicate it in machines?


To give you a better idea of what Lift16 will look like, we have prepared a simplified schedule with all the main elements that you have grown to like over the years, plus our newest additions:

Lift's Amazing Editorial Board

Lift is first and foremost a community of innovators reaching out into diverse fields and layers of society all around the world. As our most precious resource, we strive to connect these talented people together and share their unique points of view. For Lift16, we have decided to collaborate with five of them to prepare the main stage sessions, leveraging their personal insights and international experience. Please meet our 2016 Editorial Board:

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