Feb. 5-7 2014 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland


Tuesday Feb. 04 2014

Tue   14:00

Pre-Lift14 event

Lift will host the first SeedstarsWorld Final Event 2014 (please note that to access this event, you need to buy a combined ticket Lift + SeedstarsWorld).

Tue   17:30

Pre-Lift14 drinks

Join us for a drink!

Tue   18:30

Movie screening, in the presence of the director

“Crocodile in the Yangtze”, telling the story of a westerner inside China's alibaba.com. By Porter Erisman, ex-VP alibaba.com.

Wednesday Feb. 05 2014

Wed   08:15

Doors opening

Welcome to Lift14!

Wed   09:00

Röstigraben Express

More information here!

Wed   12:30


Let's eat!

Wed   13:00
Wed   14:00

Grand opening

Welcome to Lift14!

Wed   14:15

Managing Innovation Cycles - Let Live And Let Die

Innovation also happens somewhere along the road of the hype cycle, when suddenly market changes require reinvention of existing products and services. How do companies stay agile and on top of these cycles for decades and when do they decide it's best to let offers die in peace?
Bracken Darrell President and CEO, reinventing Logitech
Alexis Lloyd Creative Director of The New York Times R&D Lab
Philippe Silberzahn Professor debunking the myths of entrepreneurship and innovation
Open Stage: Philippe Méda Specialist in Business Model Innovation and Disruption
Wed   15:45


Wed   16:45

Bio Hacking Or Tinkering With Life

What can we expect from Bio Fablabs, Food Printing and Bio-engineering? What are the opportunities and the risks of "tinkering" with life?
Mark Post Professor at Maastricht University, Maker of the World's First In-Vitro Burger
Thomas Landrain Co-founder of One of the World's Largest Do-it-yourself Biology Labs
Lia Giraud French plastic artist, "growing" pictures with algae
Open Stage: Andres Colmenares Imperfect future strategist, co-founder of wabi-sabi lab
Sean D. Goff Teenage Hacker and Maker
Wed   18:45

Transfer to the Fondue

Group transfer to the théâtre Pitoëff, 52 rue de Carouge 1205 Geneva

Wed   19:30


No need to introduce this part of the program, the legendary Lift Fondue!

Thursday Feb. 06 2014

Thu   08:15

Doors opening

Thu   09:00

The Futures of Work

Out - and Robo-Sourcing, remote work revisited, "Dividuals": How is work going to look like in the years and decades to come, and where, how and why will we do it?
Che Wagner Political activist planning to unleash entrepreneurial spirit by ensuring unconditional income for all
Fabio Gramazio World-class architect using robots to re-connect architects to how buildings get built
Narkis Alon Serial social entrepreneur from Tel Aviv, Co-Founder of Elevation.
Open Stage: José Achache Managing Director of AP-Swiss, a joint undertaking by the European Space Agency, and the Swiss Space Office
Thu   10:30
Thu   11:30

Markets Becoming Conversations, finally!

Exploring the shift from the consumer- to the relationship economy, where reputation is paramount.
Porter Erisman Movie director, ex-VP alibaba.com telling the story of a westerner inside China's alibaba.com
Jerry Michalski Founder of the Relationship Economy eXpedition (REX)
Isaac Nii Noi Nortey Co-Founder of RetailTower in Ghana
Open stage: David Fauchier Product Designer at Yoyo
Thu   12:45


Let's eat!

Thu   14:30

The Sharing Economy Backlash

How does openness scale?
Arnaud Bertrand Founder & CEO of HouseTrip, one of the world's leading holiday rental websites
Joel Serra Eatwith.com Country Manager Spain, changing the way people travel and eat
Scott Smith Critical futurist, founder of Changeist
Open Stage: Anais Rassat Science communicator, exploring the dark universe
Thu   16:00


Informal chatting, Lift Experience, and more!

Thu   17:00

Alp ICT Venture Night

Discover the most disruptive start-ups of Switzerland in a revamped format.

Thu   19:00


Let's end the day in style around a glass of wine.

Friday Feb. 07 2014

Fri   07:30
Fri   08:15

Doors opening

Fri   11:00


Fri   11:30

Algorithmic culture: new forms of expression

What does it mean when algorithms play an increasing role in cultural production? How does the discreet role of computer code change the way music, texts or videos are created? Does it lead to new cultural forms beyond video-games? Can Twitterbots be actually funny? Presented by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.
Ian Bogost Leading scholar of videogames and award-winning game designer
Joanne McNeil Writer exploring how technology is shaping art, literature, and society.
Dan Williams "Hacker" making things to playfully explore technology
Frederic Kaplan Professor in Digital Humanities at EPFL Lausanne
Fri   12:45


Let's eat!

Fri   14:15

Translating Traditional Family Business

What does it mean to run a family business today? What changes when you don’t plan for the next quarter, but for the next generation? What’s the impact of new technologies? And how do you radically innovate - with your dad looking over your shoulder?
Ramia Marielle El Agamy Editor-in-Chief of Tharawat Magazine, a global publication for family businesses
Olivier Audemars Member of the board of directors of Audemars Piguet, leading a global family business
Hans Raffauf First-generation family business founder, agitator of Berlin's start-up scene
Fri   15:15


Informal chatting, Lift Experience

Fri   16:00

Counter Culture Inspiring Industries

How did the 60ies counterculturalists in California end-up fueling silicon valley turbo capitalism in the 90ies? What's the link between LSD and hightech companies, between autonomous communities and investment funds? Presented by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia.
Alexa Clay Co-author of The Misfit Economy, exploring underground, black market and informal innovation
Juval Dieziger Chief Emotional Officer of Berlin's most exciting urban project, co-founder Bar 25
Mario Husten Chairman of the Holzmarkt cooperative, making sustainable urban development happen in Berlin
David Pescovitz Co-Editor and Managing Partner at Boing Boing, research director at Institute for the Future
Fri   17:15

Wrap-up & End of conference

Fri   21:00

Closing party

Let's dance!