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Dear journalists and bloggers, this page will provide you various resources to request a press accreditation and download media material.

About Lift Conference

Lift is one of Europe’s leading technology and innovation events exploring business and social implications of digital technologies. Its unique format allows for a rich experience where participants mingle in a dynamic and informal environment. Together, they share, connect and create new opportunities. Every year Lift welcomes over 1,000 participants from 30 countries, including 70 journalists and bloggers. Lift is about discovering new trends and transforming them into opportunities during a memorable three-day event packed with inspirational talks, interactive workshops and fun networking activities.


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Press Releases

Lift15 Press Release

Lift15 Communiqué de presse

Esa - Lift Press Release

Lift15 Media Invitation

Lift Basel Press Release

Lift China Press Release

Lift Report

Lift15 Report

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